DDoS-attacks are not profitable for cybercriminals

Posted: November 30, 2012 in IT Security News
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DDoS attack alertAccording to researchers of Group-IB, hackers even more often resort to more profitable types of fraud.

According to experts of the Group-IB company, DDoS-attack as the type of criminal earnings loses the popularity among hackers in favor of more profitable bank fraud.

Botnets, used by malefactors both for carrying out DDoS-attacks, and for a compromise of systems of the remote bank service (RBS), have identical structure, however it is possible to use them differently.

On stealing from DBS systems swindlers can earn to 26 million dollars a month. On DDoS-attacks — to 5 thousand dollars a week. Attack to Internet banking by it more favourably.

At the high income the special software used by malefactors, it is possible to update for his developers for a fee. such service can cost to 35 thousand dollars a month.

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