The virus Gamarue has infected 2 % of the Indian users through a tourism web site

Posted: November 30, 2012 in IT Security News
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Stop spamResearchers of Trend Micro fixed mass spam the mailing addressed to users of a portal, containing the description of hotels.

According to researchers from Trend Micro, web-site of TripAdvisor Inc., Was attacked by unknown hackers. Note that the resource is intended for tourists to evaluate the quality of various hotels in India.

The incident resulted in many of the users of the resource have received malicious e-mail message containing information about what their name booked a property they are interested. At the moment, noted in Trend Micro, virus Gamarue, contained in spam messages, infected system 2% of Indian users.

It should be noted that the web-site of TripAdvisor Inc., Is the fifth-largest tour operator in the country, has about 60 million unique visitors per month. Of these, about 2.4 million people – people of India.

Information security experts also report that Gamarue is a whole family of malicious applications, specializing in the theft of confidential information of users.

“Many e-commerce sites are paying for their popularity – explains Suchita Vishnoi head of corporate communications at Trend Micro. – They are an attractive target for attackers due to high traffic. “

Infection Stats

Experts view the report here

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