Comparison of web browsers for resistance to phishing

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Testing
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NSS LabsIndependent research firm NSS Labs has implemented testing four popular browsers (Apple Safari 5, Google Chrome 21, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and Mozilla Firefox 15) for resistance to phishing attacks and published a report of the test results.

The experts noted that significant progress in the results, compared to the same test conducted in 2009. For the past three years, the average detection of threats has increased from 46% to 92%, and the average blocking malicious links decreased from 16.43 hours to 4.87 hours.

Testing was conducted over 10 days in the real phishing URLs to which appeared on the Internet. Tests are run every 6 hours, each time updating of malicious links. A total of 37 test runs.

All four tested browser showed excellent results, but Chrome 21 could barely ahead of the competition, although the difference is in the area of ​​statistical error, which is 2 percentage points.
Comparison of web browsers
On the average time to block phishing URLs absolute leader recognized browser Firefox: 2,35 hours.

Experts noted that attackers have to adapt to the improved anti-phishing filters work by a rapid change in URLs. Although from 2009 to 2012, the number of phishing attacks has decreased, but the amount involved in these URLs increased from less than 40 thousand per month to 50 thousand per month. Uptime of phishing sites has fallen from 73 hours in 2010 to just 23 hours.
Comparison of web browsers
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