Symantec released the first antivirus to work with VMware vShield security

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Antivirus and Security Software, IT Security News
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Symantec CorpSymantec has released a new version of its enterprise antivirus Endpoint Protection 12.1.2, designed to work with virtualized environments VMware, as well as with Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Product release with support for vShield, used to protect virtual machines running hypervisors VMware, was a necessary step after the company released a similar solution Trend Micro, Kaspersky Lab, McAfee and others.

Package of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 12.1.2 is used to scan, detect, block and neutralize viruses on Windows-based computers that are running systems VMware, with the same efficiency, which provides a package of SEP in ordinary physical environments, without the use of VMware. Says Michael Marfise, director of Symantec’s products, Scan-duplication successfully ported to vShield. As a result, anti-virus protection is now consuming less resources and faster for systems running hypervisor ESX, through the use of architecture without vShield agent module.

An updated version of SEP 12.1 also supports the latest Microsoft Windows 8 platform and Apple Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion. This is an important and mandatory for innovation solutions, designed to be a reliable defensive tool in today’s corporate environment, their diverse client platforms.

As for the architecture of VMware vShield, it is a set of APIs API to implement various protective functions. More recently, for many customers, this architecture was quite confusing and controversial technology. Moreover, manufacturers of security systems criticized excessive secrecy architecture vShield – to create products that are compatible with vShield, you had to work closely with the company VMware. In addition, the technology is considered to be too complicated to implement the declared functions to third-party products.

In August this year, VMware announced that is going to rename a set of APIs in a separate vShield technology VCNS (vCloud Networking and Security). Then representatives of VMware agreed that they needed a more open approach to working with third-party developers, and assured that the security architecture of VMware platforms must change and expand. Speaking about the launch of the new version of SEP 12.1, Symantec representatives reported that they continue to work with VMware and make proposals concerning the development of vShield.

Licenses for package SEP 12.1.2, are available now, will cost customers 32-55 dollars per seat with discounts for contracts for several years. All the owners of the existing subscription package SEP 12 can get a new version of the product for free. More information about the features and characteristics of SEP 12.1 can be found on the website of the developers at .


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