Tumblr have stopped the spread of the Information worm

Posted: December 5, 2012 in IT Security News
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Information worm in Tumblr

Tumblr was struck by a special worm who published racist blog posts without permission of the users.

Company representatives ask customers who have seen this message, immediately exit the browser.

Viral post was created by a group called Gay Nigger Assocation of America (GNAA), whose aim is to confront bloggers. In this fake records Tumblr criticized the fact that the service helps spread useless information. In the post Tumblr users invited to commit suicide and not clog the network trash. At the end of the message bloggers warn that if they try to delete this information, it will erase all data from your blog.

The number of affected increased to 8600, according to Gizmodo.

According to Sophos analyst Graham Cluley worm spread through a specific function in reblogginga Tumblr. Anyone who went to Tumblr, would automatically publish a post infected if you visit one of the infected pages.

Some users who are affected by the worm, said they saw a pop-up message that warns them that Tumblr will take care 4 December 2012. Appears in the window is set to “stay on the page,” or leave it.

“If you’re not logged in to Tumblr, when you visit this address, you just sent to the standard login page,” – writes Cluley. “However, if your computer is connected to the social network, the content of the GNAA automatically get on your page in Tumblr”.

Note that representatives of Tumblr confirmed that the company’s engineers have already solved this problem, which affected thousands of blogs. Will the guilty be punished for this prank is not yet known.




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