In 2013, to increase the number of attacks aimed at big business

Posted: December 6, 2012 in IT Security News
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Kaspersky Lab logoAccording to anti-virus experts ‘Kaspersky Lab’, the upcoming 2013 promises increase in targeted attacks and attacks sponsored by government agencies.

On the eve of ‘Kaspersky Lab’ has published its list of predictions for 2013, saying that he expects growth of attacks on critical infrastructure, and cases of theft of sensitive data as the authorities of different countries, and at the business user.

“We expect that the number of cyber campaigns in 2013 will increase further. Easy to read headlines computer press to understand that now targeted attacks have become a real headache for big business, especially for what is associated with important infrastructure facilities” – the company says.

Antivirus company said that, in many cases, the purpose of attacks can become public facilities, such as transportation or housing facilities. In 2013, more countries will undertake the development of so-called cyber weapons aimed at the implementation of acts of espionage and sabotage systems. This will happen not only because of the fact that to create cyber weapons are much cheaper than the usual weapons, but also because the latest in modern conditions can be much more useful.

Also forecasts company said for 2013 includes growth hackers activity, in which organized DDoS-attacks on various government resources.

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