Cloud browsers can provide hackers free computing resources

Posted: December 8, 2012 in IT Security News
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Cloud Browsers

Cloud Browsers for Hackers

Cloud browsers – for example, Opera Mini, Amazon Silk Could or Puffin Browser – can give hackers free computing resources.

This conclusion was made by U.S. researchers, who showed to anonymously use the processing power of cloud browsers.

Cloud browsers provide user interface, and a significant part of computational problems related to the processing of the web page, they are transmitted to the remote execution server. Therefore, this type of browsers most relevant for mobile devices, which have a smaller than desktop computers computing resources. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets cloud browsers are becoming more popular and increasingly attracted the attention of cybercriminals and security experts.

Using the model of distributed computing Google MapReduce, an American research team led by William Enck was able to successfully execute a number of standard features in cloud computing infrastructures multiple browsers. In fact, the researchers have shown the possibility of free use cloud browsers to meet foreign challenges.

Attackers can successfully use this vulnerability cloud infrastructure browsers. For example, they can use free cloud resources to crack passwords and username. Necessary for the selection of key computing very efficiently performed in the cloud, as they greatly accelerated by parallel and simultaneous execution on multiple machines. In addition, cyber criminals are able to produce a given vulnerability successful DDoS-attacks – for example, give the cloud incorrect or overly demanding job, thus disable it and hang up a significant number of units it serves.



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