Trojan-extortionist Reveton got sound effects

Posted: December 12, 2012 in IT Security News, Security Notices
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Trojan-extortionistMalicious programs that belong to the class of extortionists, using all new ways to more effectively scare the user.

The purpose of extortion – to force the victim to voluntarily transfer the money to the account.

The so-called ‘police extortionists’ scare member on behalf of law enforcement agencies, the police or the FBI: the computer is locked, and the user voluntarily offer to pay the penalty for the offense. Violations can be found on any computer: it’s files and videos with pornography, counterfeit movies and music, unlicensed software, and more.

Recently reported on the Trojans Trojan.Gapz.1, which blocks the system – Trojan.Winlock.7384 scares victims pictures with a webcam. Show your face directly in the window, demanding payment for the psychological pressure.

A new variant of the Trojan Reveton (TROJ_REVETON.HM) goes even further by the degree of emotional impact. It has built-in to play audio files. After the computer is locked or encrypted files he read from a prepared text. Users in Germany or the United States do not even need a translator, because the program loads from remote server suitable sound file, depending on the country of residence of the victim.

Specialists note that the voice message is recorded professionally, without the Eastern European accent.

Market programs extortionists recently booming: the authors earn thousands of dollars a day, collecting payments from residents of Western Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia, according to antivirus company Trend Micro. But there is a problem: the level of paying users is less than 3%, so the Trojans are becoming more aggressive. Adding an image from a webcam and voice informant – new and creative ways to improve the collection of money from Westerners.

Experts predict future increases in the number of cases of infection extortionists and improvement of such programs.

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