CSRF attack in WordPress Knews Multilingual Newsletters

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Vulnerabilities
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Wordpress Vulnerability

XSS in WordPress

Vulnerability: CSRF attack in WordPress Knews Multilingual Newsletters

Danger: Low
Patch: Yes
Number of vulnerabilities: 1

Vector operation: Remote
Impact: Cross Site Scripting

Affected products: WordPress Knews Multilingual Newsletters Plugin 1.x

Affected versions: Knews WordPress Multilingual Newsletters 1.2.5, possibly earlier.


The vulnerability allows malicious people to conduct XSS attacks.

The vulnerability is caused due to the lack of authentication of HTTP requests when you perform some action. A remote user can perform CSRF attack and change the e-mail address.

Manufacturer URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/knews/

Solution: Install the latest version 1.2.6 from the manufacturer.




  1. Shruti says:

    I want to stress especially the “novel” use of the onload function of img/script tags. People in the past have used it to detect the presence of different host-names/”port scanning” internal systems by vectoring through a hooked browser. I say that’s cool and all, but you can take that further and use it to detect the presence of a plugin on a target on demand, making you able to be much more sneaky. When the markup detects a plugin present on the target, it redirects the browser to the exploit, and no further requests can be made by that IP to the script.

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