Sudoku fans have been targeted by hackers

Posted: December 21, 2012 in IT Security News, Security Notices
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Sudoku targeted by hackers

According to Sophos, scammers infect users’ computers with malware, Steals sensitive information.

Researchers at Sophos found that cyberhawks infect computers with malware amateur game Sudoku. The virus steals users’ computers important information.

Potential victims receive from intruders table Sudoku, which is generated based on Excel. Once a user downloads a file, it is strongly recommended to enable macros in Microsoft Office documents, and provide instructions on how to do this.

“Back in the 1990s, the macros were the favorite weapon of cyber criminals. At the time, Microsoft’s answer was disable the macros by default, but the threat of fraud remains. Macros are still widely used, “– noted in Sophos.

Fraudsters trick is quite simple, if you want to solve Sudoku, you need to enable macros.

However, experts say that hackers supplied file contains two macros, one of which loads and executes a malicious program, which collects system information, information about hardware, software, and application patches, network, etc.


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