On the servers of financial institutions found virus Stabuniq

Posted: December 24, 2012 in IT Security News
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Symantec CorpExperts believe that the information from the server is kidnapped with this type of Trojan.

Researchers for the production of software in the field of information security and antivirus Symantec claimed that many U.S. financial institutions are losing information due to virus Stabuniq. The virus was detected in mail servers, proxy servers and gateways, which are owned by different financial institutions, including banks and credit unions.

According to information provided on the official website of Symantec, nearly half of the unique IP-addresses found in Trojan.Stabuniq, owned by home users, and 11% – companies that are engaged in online security, and 39% – U.S. financial institutions.

According to specialists, Stabuniq during the existence of infected fewer computers than the Trojans. This statistic shows that the authors of the virus using it for targeted attacks on specific categories of users and organizations. Most of the IP-addresses, infected computers are in the eastern United States.

This type of virus spread by sending spam emails and Web-sites containing based exploits which secretly installs malicious software exploiting vulnerabilities Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Java. After a system compromise, the management server is the information contained on it. To date, the virus is only used to collect information.

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