BitDefender LogoBucharest, Romania – Bitdefender, winning provider of innovative security solutions, today announced GravityZone will be available February 25, 2013.

The company launched its GravityZone beta program in November 2012, and the first results show a significant positive feedback.

GravityZone built on Bitdefender gravity architecture, which is a centralized security management. The use of cloud computing architecture, GravityZone represents a breakthrough in integration with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, and it offers unprecedented time and cost savings due to its ability to scan unloading and deduplication functionality for physical and virtual environments. The first of its kind, GravityZone provides full-scale, enterprise-wide management of physical, virtual and mobile outlets.

GravityZone has special appeal to all types of service providers, especially SMEs, which are responsible for the management and execution of its customers IT operations, and which may be subject to regulatory compliance laws such as HIPPA, SOX, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA and others. All organizations are faced to deal with security on BYOD and hybrid environments, there is now a simple, modular solution that scales to meet the unique needs of today’s enterprises.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 PC Lifetime EditionInnovative solutions like GravityZone will be added to the stack FlexVirtual computing solutions for End User, because of its simplicity in implementation and efficiency in production.

GravityZone licensing will be modular and flexible, based on the processor or virtual machine (virtualization) or protected endpoints (physical and mobile).

GravityZone appeals to customers of all sizes, GravityZone-a-Box is an all-in-one virtual device, which serves less than 250 seats, providing physical, virtualization and mobile security from a single console. GravityZone intended for clients of the 250 seats and above, scaling very quickly hundreds of thousands of users, managed from a single console. To sign up for the beta visit

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