Microsoft and Adobe are going to release Service Pack in January

Posted: January 5, 2013 in IT Security News
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Microsoft and Adobe Service Pack

In the coming Tuesday, Microsoft and Adobe will release this year’s first set of patches for their software.

According to Microsoft message, in a January set of patches it is planned to issue seven bulletins on safety whereas Adobe plans to let out six corrections including crucial corrections for Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

Of the seven, only two Microsoft patches are marked as critical, as they address the vulnerabilities that allow for unauthorized access to data on a computer. The other five are designated as ‘important’. Two critical bulletin covers products Microsoft Windows, Office, and the range of Microsoft Server Software and Microsoft Developer Tools.

The company suggests to pay the greatest attention to critical vulnerabilities. The first of them is present in the server Windows, and it is related to the OS kernel, so even a version of Windows Server Core without graphics is subject to the problem. Using this vulnerability, potential attackers can place the target OS set of malware.

The second vulnerability affects the latest series of products, including Windows 8, RT, and Windows Server 2012, it is associated with an error in one of the system libraries. Feature of the library is that it is also used by other software, including Microsoft Office, SharePoint and several service components. Administrators will have to close each of the products from separately.

Recall that on Saturday last week, the corporation Microsoft has already issued an extraordinary emergency fix for browser Internet Explorer, which is required because the attackers have been using the vulnerability to infect users’ systems.

Corporation intends to release all 12 individual patches.

In turn, Adobe is planning a massive correction software and Acrobat Reader for the operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac. There will be also fixes for ColdFusion web server 10 and 9 for Windows, Unix and Mac.

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