Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 protects your PC

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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comodo logoThe company Comodo, a leading manufacturer of protective equipment, announces the availability of a new version of Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013. The proposed set of powerful antivirus and firewall, used in combination with a functional ‘sandbox’ and intrusion prevention, is able to effectively protect your computer from a variety of threats.

The proposed product ensures reliable protection in real time from viruses, Trojans, spyware and other types of malicious applications, both existing and entirely new. Users who installed CIS 2013 on your computer, will be timely notified of suspicious activity programs installed, for example, that efforts were out to online. If the application is marked by Antivirus as suspicious, does not cause you concern, you can manually add it to the ‘white’ list.

Hosts PC offers four modes of scanning. In the ‘Quick Scan’ product Comodo Internet Security 2013 examines key areas of your system for viruses and other threats. Option ‘Full Scan’ is used to perform a complete check, which takes more time, but provides a more impressive results. If you intend to custom scan individual files and folders, use the option «Custom Scan». A regime «Rating Scan» will tap cloud reputation services to check critical files.

From previous versions of CIS 2013 has high performance, easier and more intuitive user interface and a close compatibility with the operating system Windows 8. In its users will be technology Comodo Auto Sandbox Technology, allows you to run suspicious programs in a safe virtual environment – ‘sandbox’. A new component of Virtual Kiosk ensures safe operation with web-sites and services. The package also includes a tool Killswitch Rescue Disk and tools for creating a secure boot media.

Special mention deserves the component Comodo GeekBuddy, allowing users to get expert technical support 24/7. When faced with an unknown threat is detected or a problem with your product Comodo you seek professional help and ask questions in plain text chat. Experienced professionals will also be able to remotely access your computer and take a direct part in the resolution of the problem.

Video: Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013

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