The new exploit for Java can be bought for $5000

Posted: January 17, 2013 in IT Security News
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Java DangerLess than in a day after the Oracle developers corrected a dangerous gap in Java allowing far off to compromise target system on the basis of Windows OS, at underground Internet forums started sales of exploit for the next vulnerability of zero day in this platform.

According KrebsOnSecurity, one of the administrators of the hacker’s resource, whose name was not disclosed, posted a message that he is willing to sell the source code for the two immediately exploit zero-day vulnerabilities in Java. With this software should get to the first two customers for $ 5K

The report also noted that these gaps appear in Java 7 Update 11 and have not yet been included in any hacking tools offered by the network. According to the newspaper, the first sale was made shortly after the publication of the advertisement.

It is worth noting that a few exploits for zero-day vulnerabilities were sold on the same forum a few weeks after the October security updates for Java.

Recently it was reported that even after the release of emergency updates to the platform is a few unpatched security holes. Thus, the Polish researcher Adam Gowdiak, who last year discovered a number of vulnerabilities in Java, said the upgrade from Oracle does not remove all of the existing gaps.

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