Stonesoft Predicts the Top 6 Security Threats for 2013

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Articles
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Security Threats for 2013

Experts corporations STONESOFT posted six top-security threats in 2013.

According to analysts in the come year the world community will face even more sophisticated a cyber attacks, a cyber espionage and hacking for the sake of the political and/or religious goals.

“We live in a digital world and issues of cyber-security is now for the international community more and more important. Each year, by the hour, the meaning of ‘information security’ is growing, and that means it’s time to think about the international rules, regulations and legislation in this area, “– says Jarno Limnell, director of Cyber ​​Security Corporation STONESOFT.

“The states actively invest in the their cyber opportunity. And, it is a question both of protection, and of attack. The quantity a cyber wars in the world will increase that can lead to serious consequences and unpredictable side effects. Consequences of any single attack can extend quickly worldwide, even by mistake. The infinite number of players is invested worldwide by huge amounts of money for change of existing kibir-reality”, – the expert emphasized.

Top 6 main security threats in 2013:

1. In 2013, the global community will face new targeted hacker attacks. Development of new sophisticated malware, sponsored at the state level, can dramatically affect the speed of propagation of threats and the global security landscape in general. Cyber ​​threats become more unpredictable than ever before.

2. Continue to increase the level of government cyber-espionage. In 2012, we were faced with botnets and malware that seamlessly send the entire contents of the hard drive by an attacker. With that we will face in 2013. Protection of critical infrastructure at the national level will be a key aspect of the cyber security of states.

3. A significant increase of hacking in the name of political and / or religious purposes and will become more important and frightening, particularly more aggressive, which will significantly increase its effect. At the same time the role of non-national players will become more important, especially on the examination, not just resources.

4. In 2013 the world will also face new dynamic evasion techniques (AETs), to be used against large organizations and governments of various countries. As soon as the improved security technology and improving overall ability to withstand cyber attacks, hackers will invest its R & D in the development of resources and the development of more and more sophisticated evasion techniques to increase the return on their investment. This is one of the most serious threats, as modern security technologies are not able to diagnose and confront AETs, so that the target system does not even know that was attacked.

5. In 2012, the company became aware of the many vulnerabilities in enterprise applications such as Oracle, SAP and SCADA. These applications contain business-critical data and are extremely valuable target for attackers. Unfortunately, vulnerabilities will continue to be a problem in 2013.

6. Android platform in 2013, will also remain a favorite target for hackers. Because it is an attractive environment for malware, hackers will use it.

“It is possible that we will see how the first global consumer brand will go bankrupt as a result of cyber attacks, which hurt its reputation and lose the trust of users,” – experts of STONESOFT note.

“As soon as the growing cyber capabilities of different players in the global market, we will see more and more sophisticated targeted attacks, against which traditional security systems are unable to provide effective protection,” – says Ville Hämäläinen, Director of R & D Corporation STONESOFT.

“In order to protect themselves from modern cyber threats, organizations need to make a quantum leap from the traditional reactive protection against known threats to preventive and proactive protection, ready to face the unknown to improve its operational stability and just survive in today’s cyber-space” – adds Hämäläinen.

STONESOFT report can be found  here .

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