Backdoors Found in Barracuda Networks Products

Posted: January 25, 2013 in IT Security News, Security Notices
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Barracuda networksThe SEC Consult company found undocumented accounts in solutions of Barracuda Networks.

According to SEC Consult, in different software company Barracuda Networks was discovered backdoor. The notice referred to the existence of undocumented accounts, remote which can be accessed remotely via SSH.

Undocumented accounts associated with the “backend support mechanisms.” Support page for the manufacturer stated that he is not aware of operating accounts described SEC Consult, for malicious purposes.

“Our study confirms that an attacker with specific knowledge about the internal structure of the solutions Barracuda, to connect to an account that does not have the privileges of a small area of ​​IP addresses”, – stated in the notification producer.

It is worth noting that, according to SEC Consult, hidden accounts are highly privileged and allow the user to gain administrative access to the system.

The researchers said they found eight undocumented accounts, passwords, which were broken in a short period of time. For the account ‘product’, which gives access to the MySQL database and create a new user with administrator privileges, the user does not even need to enter a password.

The list of affected products Barracuda Networks:

– Spam and Virus Firewall;
– Web Filter;
– Message Archiver;
– Web Application Firewall;
– Link Balancer;
– Load Balancer;

A detailed description of vulnerabilities in Barracuda Networks products can be found here

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