Trend Micro Report: the number of threats for Android to reach 1 million

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Articles, IT Security News
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Trend MicroIn 2012, the Android platform is five times ahead of Windows on the number of created malicious software for it – this is one of the key findings of new studies prepared by analysts Trend Micro Marlow, United Kingdom, January 28, 2013.

According to reports from Trend Micro, dedicated to the study of trends and cyber security of mobile devices (Trend Micro 2012 Annual Roundup and Mobile Security), in the 2012 range of targets of hackers has expanded to include not only PCs but also devices running Android, social media platforms and even Mac OS X.

In particular, at least for the last three years the number of malicious programs for Android caught up with the number of malware for Windows, created in 14 years. Projected Trend Micro, the number of threats for Android users this year will overcome the mark – 1 million.

Annual Security Roundup Report 2012 – increase in threats post-PC era

VIPRE Mobile Security Discount– Most of our predictions for 2012 – including the relative increase in the number of threats to mobile platforms and social media in the post-PC era – fully confirmed. Estimated to Trend Micro, the end of 2012 the number of threats for Android will be 350 thousand. Over three years for Android appeared the same number of malicious programs like PC for fourteen years;

– 2012 was also marked by the fact that hackers have shifted the focus of their attacks on the Windows and Java vulnerabilities in other systems. In particular, we have witnessed the first large-scale attack on the Mac OS;

– English and Russian are the leaders in the list of the 10 most popular languages ​​of spam messages, and India led the world ranking of ‘suppliers spam’;

– Social networks attract attention of cybercriminals. Many users will be putting themselves at risk, showing excessive frankness when communicating on the Internet and posting on their pages on social networking information that can be exploited;

– Large companies and organizations suffer increasing damage from data breaches and targeted attacks. So, as a result of data breaches processing company Global Payments recorded interim damages of U.S. $ 94 million, which has a tendency to increase. Targeted attacks are carried out using the “descendants STUXNET”, such as Flame, Duqu and Gauss, who appeared on the basis of three-year-old code;

– 2012 saw a number of sophisticated APT-attacks such as Luckycat, Taidoor, IXESHE and others;

– Instead of “inventing” new attacks attackers began to develop professional software development methods. Exploits Blackhole (BHEK), automatic funds transfer (ATS) and software-extortionists were improved and provided with new functionality through technology development, would be proud of any manufacturer of commercial software.

Threats to the security of mobile applications and devices in 2012

The growing number of threats to mobile devices and systems – is a key trend era of post-PC. Over the last three years for the Android platform appears as many malicious programs as was created for the PC in 14 years. In addition, only 20% of users of devices based on Android use security applications. At the end of 2012, the number of threats to this relatively new mobile platform has reached 350,000, predicted Trend Micro, in 2013, the number of malicious Android applications can reach 1 million.

New research Trend Micro include a lot of useful information for users and professionals:

– Aggressive adware and malicious code, resulting in the release of data that may be present not only in the suspicious and malicious applications, but also in the popular, proven applications;

– Nigeria headed by top 10 countries with the highest risk of downloading malicious applications;

– India holds the top spot in the top 10 countries with the highest risk of disclosure of confidential information;

– Cell phones in Thailand are most vulnerable to malicious applications that lead to battery discharge.

In general, our predictions for 2012, announced by Chief Technology Trend Micro Raymond Genes (see “12 threats in 2012”), have come true, especially for mobile threats and targeted attacks. As noted by Mr. Genes, “Our hope is that the new operating system will make the world safer, not justified”.

Post-PC era has come in the area of ​​information security – safety problems have become more relevant than ever before.

Full report can be found here

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