Cisco said about the level of security in the world

Posted: February 1, 2013 in IT Security News

Cisco logoAccording to the company, the largest number of malware hidden in the search results of major search engines, sites, retail and media portals.

Cisco has presented the results of two global studies showing a significant increase in security threats faced by different companies, IT-departments and individuals. In Cisco refute the widespread belief that most of the threats lurking in the content related to pornography, gambling or pharmaceuticals. Experts note that the malware hiding in the search results of major search engines, sites, retail and media portals.

Increasing the number of systemic risk due to the fact that employees are using their mobile devices, as in the work and for personal use.

In the Cisco report called Cisco Connected World Technology Report (CCWTR) reveals the next generation of employees ratio (Generation Y) companies to provide their personal information online. 91% of respondents said that they believe that the era of online privacy is over. However, one third of respondents did not pay enough attention to what personal data is stored and collected. A large number of Generation Y employees say they are more willing to share their information with the online stores, rather than with private employers to create IT-department to provide protection in the digital environment to its employees.

The research specialist Cisco also was found that in 2012, the developers of malware somewhat altered the geographical focus of its activities. In particular, the second place, which previously belonged to China, now play Russia. It malware last year encountered 9.79% of users. In first place is still America (33.14%). The third position is given in Denmark (9.55%).

Details of the Cisco report can be found here.

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