Android-application attacks Windows PCs

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Articles, IT Security News
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Kaspersky LabSpecialists in viruses from Kaspersky Lab discovered and described the unusual malicious applications to Android, which for some time have been published in the official store Play Market.

As it turned out, those applications that fall under the definition of viruses that try to compromise Windows-machine by turning the microphone on your PC without your knowledge.

At some point it had to happen – the wiretapping space around Windows-machine is not uncommon for traditional viruses targeting conventional computers. Feature of the next opening specialists Kaspersky is the first time for the penetration of the PC used is Android-application. This application hosted called DroidCleaner, attacked PC through the infamous autorun, placing a special file on the memory card. When you connect your smartphone or tablet PC this file is read and loaded (if the car was not autorun disabled), the virus penetrates the PC includes a microphone for recording and sending recorded audio files to their authors.

The purpose of creating a hybrid virus listener is not completely clear. Of course, in some situations, such as economic or political espionage, a virus might be useful. In other situations, the virus is too broad fronts. Maybe it’s just checking technology before launching a more sophisticated and targeted attack.

Strictly speaking, the new viral technology found in two Android applications under the names Superclean and DroidCleaner – both of these applications have been disguised as the program to clear the memory. Since the attack on the PC through the AutoRun feature, is at risk a lot of users around the world, especially with older versions of Windows.

According to the experts of Kaspersky Lab, a typical victim of the virus – is the owner of low-cost Android-smartphone, which periodically connects your device to the PC to change the music files to the mobile device. According to the statistics of sales, is threatened a lot of people on the planet. The only thing missing for comprehensive detection of a virus epidemic, it is more universal scheme of distribution.

Based on sites Softpedia and Maximum PC

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