Fake email from FedEx

Posted: February 13, 2013 in IT Security News, Security Notices
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Fake email from FedEx

Fake email from FedEx

Symantec Corp. reported the appearance of fake emails from FedEx.

It is stated that the user can sent him a package, go to the nearest FedEx with a receipt that you can print it by clicking on the link provided in the letter. Of course, no parcel does not exist, and those who use the link, you are prompted to download archive PostalReceipt.zip, containing a malicious file PostalReceipt.exe. Instead of sending the owner, which he did not order, the user becomes the owner of the virus Trojan.Smoaler.

All these fake emails are almost identical, except for the order number and the site that hosts the zip-archive with malware. Laziness or negligence on criminals do not change the date of the false order. At the same site that hosts Trojan.Smoaler, changing daily. Letters, send out mass 21, 25 and January 26, 2013, had the following appearance:

Fake email from FedEx

“All of us have long known that an unexpected package in the winter unless you can get from Santa Claus. And no matter how hard it was time to deliver all the gifts in the New Year’s Eve, I doubt he would have resorted to using courier services “, – says Andrey Zerenkov, an expert in information security Symantec.

FedEx is published on its website a warning and relevant information regarding online safety. As usual, the experts Symantec recommends using only the current versions of antivirus software and avoid the use of links in emails from unknown senders. If a suspicious letter sent to an organization with which you do not have common causes, this letter should be considered potentially dangerous, and it should not be opened.

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