Leakage of personal data when purchasing apps in Google Play

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Security Notices
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Google PlayWhen you buy any application from Google Play directory your name, location (zip code, city and country) and e-mail is sent to the software developer.

When downloading free software transfer of personal data occurs.

The problem with a privacy in Google Play was raised by the Australian developer Dan Nolan though the problem, probably, exists for a long time.

Nolan has recently released a program in Google Play, sold a few hundred copies – and began to receive information about the purchases of personal data customers. According to Nolan, this is not just a major problem with privacy, and “absolutely crazy things.” Each developer can see the personal data of its customers Merchant Account.

Dan Nolan said that the private information of users retained by the seller, even if the buyer canceled the order. Each transaction is the transfer of funds in the application directory is regarded as a physical banking transaction, and Google reveals all the details. Similarly, in the real world is usually impossible to make anonymous clearing, so is buying Google Play regarded as bank transfer.

Some logic in this, of course. On the other hand, the user must also have the right to buy the program, while maintaining anonymity. All the more so when buying hundreds of applications in Google Play it that user’s personal data and e-mail went to a variety of sources, so that after a while it will surely come, and all the unwanted spam marketing offers. The developer can sell the base of some marketing company. Besides, there is another unpleasant consequence: the developer can determine the identity of the user who left negative comments to the program.

Strange also that the user is not notified of the transfer of their private information, it is done in secret, and in fact most customers are not aware of this practice. It is likely that some would refuse to buy, knowing that the seller will get their name and email. At the very least, the lack of notice to exactly be considered a serious oversight on the part of Google. It is unclear why it does not give the ability to hide your personal information from the seller. In the Terms of Service (ToS) also nowhere expressly states that Google sends developer personal information about users.

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