Valentine’s Day Information Threats

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Security Notices
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Valentine Day ThreatsOn the Internet a lot of social services intended for communication and personal acquaintances.

Sometimes users find their other half is in the vast global network. For this reason, Valentine’s Day is very popular with cybercriminals is coming is a good time to spread malicious content of unsuspecting users.

“The popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day, increase the vulnerability of Internet users. Attackers prepare thematic content of interest to people in this day. Users willing to click on an infected link disguised as a greeting card or a love message, and can easily become victims of cybercrime. “

Antivirus companies offer a number of ways to protect themselves and their information on Valentine’s Day:

Avoid opening the congratulatory messages from unknown senders, probably love letter instead of a mysterious stranger that proved fraudulent letter from cybercriminals. The same recommendation applies to downloading attachments in such a report files – besides infecting your computer, they can lead to unwanted ads while browsing the site.

Top 10 Valentines Day ScamsTo send animated greeting card for Valentine’s Day, choose a well-known portals, which will avoid getting personal data in the wrong hands (even such as e-mail that cybercriminals can use to send out spam.)

Be suspicious of links in a short love message sent through social networks, malicious hyperlinks remain one of the main methods of communicating threats. To check these messages, you can use a handy tool of information security in social networks, is included in the new version of BitDefender Total Security.

Do not confide to strangers, including dating sites – Avoid mentioning passwords, passport data, or any other confidential information in the course of even the most confidential conversation.

Buy gifts for Valentine’s Day (and any other issues) only checked online stores with a good reputation. This is necessary to avoid fraud when buying and not inadvertently send the information on their credit cards or bank accounts of dishonest traders.

Use a comprehensive antivirus product with a powerful proactive protection system ─ such as BitDefender Total Security 2013. This will keep your computer safe from any malware, including new, not yet introduced to the antivirus databases.

These basic information about the latest threats and methods of dealing with them will help you protect your computer to provide information not only on Valentine’s Day, but also at any other time.

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