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Posted: February 17, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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ESET LogoTry a free online scanner ESET

Scan your computer for threats quickly and effectively.

A free tool to remove malware from any computer without the need to install antivirus software.

In the ESET Online Scanner uses technology proactive detection of known and previously unknown threats ThreatSense ®, as well as important base signature databases.


  • ESET Online Scanner supports most web-browsers – Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Netscape and others.
  • Directional scan. Fast scanning of suspicious objects, specific files or folders.
  • Antispyware. Automatically detect and remove hidden threats, as well as spyware and adware from your computer.
  • Quarantine. Removal or placement in a protected area of ​​the infected files that can be restored if necessary.

Key Features

  • Activation in one click. Scan your computer is without pre-registration.
  • Detection of all malware. Detects all known and previously unknown viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing, and other Internet threats.
  • Detection of all types of threats. ESET Online Scanner in the scan not only uses the latest virus definitions, and heuristic algorithms. Through this approach detect all types of threats, including previously unknown.
  • Advanced scanning. Additional settings for scanning files in the archives of the hidden threats.

System Requirements

– Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT;
– Supported browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Chrome, Safari;
– Memory: 32 MB;
– The minimum amount of free space on your hard disk: 15 MB (best – 30 MB). To run the ESET Online Scanner administrator rights.


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