Information Security

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Articles

information securityWhat is information security

A common mistake many companies nowadays is the overestimation or underestimation of the possible threats to information security.

Usually, information security measures are ad hoc, in the hope that it will be enough.

Or some companies trust of an information security system administrator or another employee, no less dangerous.

The modern business is highly dependent on information technology. In the information systems of any company is information the disclosure of which is highly undesirable. Our objective is to prevent any possible cases of unauthorized appropriation of the information.

  • Types of services in information security

Data protection:

– Creation of a secure computer networks and data warehouses;
– Install and configure anti-virus software;
– Set security policies and network servers;
– Encryption of data;
– Control of the use of the Internet and co-workers.

Monitoring the use of computer personnel:

– Identification of third-party software on office computers;
– Analysis of information stored in the computers of the company;
– Detection of spyware and malware;
– Monitoring visits to online resources office staff and use of the Internet (leading log and saves it to disk);
– Monitoring of the use of network printers (leading log and saves it to disk).

Staff training in IT security:

– Individual training to the needs of certain employees to ensure the safety of the company in the IT field;
– Corporate training employees on safe use of the local network, storage, files, Internet access, etc.

Prices for services for information security

Fixed prices for the services of security there. The price is determined based on the requirements and wishes of the client, so the preliminary price is calculated based on the completed customer order form.

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