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Worst Passwords of 2012The reliable password – guarantee of safety on the Internet.

To create it to follow a few simple rules, but surprisingly many ignore them, and the triple world’s most popular passwords looks like: “password”, “monkey” and “123456”.

Why passwords are important?

Now at the World Wide Web users more than ever before. The possibility of its use also substantially expanded to include e-banking, online shopping and research activities, undertaken with the help of online resources. In addition, we now consider the virtual space as a medium for communication. In recent years, appeared on the Internet social networking sites, such as “Odnoklassniki”, “In” etc. Their members share their wealth of information about his personal life as well as music, photos and videos.

Unfortunately, the more users report currently in the network, the higher the risk of theft of their personal information (identity theft) cybercriminals who subsequently fraudulently purchase goods and services on behalf of users, or even steal money directly from the bank accounts of their victims.

Since passwords protect confidential information, its importance can hardly be overestimated. All of your accounts on the Internet should be protected by passwords. But to choose a password carefully.

Password protect your personal data from being stolen, including not allow attackers to access your bank account or other electronic records and steal your money.

A strong password reduces the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. Our advice will help you create passwords for your online accounts.

Choosing a good password

  • Choose a password that will be easy to remember and do not have to write (including making a file on your computer.) Such a file can be deleted, damaged, or stolen by cybercriminals.
  • Do not use a password, the actual words that cybercriminals can find in the dictionary.
  • Use letters as lower and upper case, as well as numbers and symbols – for example, punctuation marks (although the use of the latter is not always allowed).
  • Do not resort to the “rotation” passwords when “password1”, “parol2”, “parol3” etc. used interchangeably for different accounts.
  • If possible, use a password phrase, not a single word.
  • Do not use the same password for different accounts. Otherwise, picking up just one password, the attackers have access to all of your online accounts.

Password – it’s a secret

  • Do not use to protect their data obvious passwords that are easy to guess: your spouse (wife), child, pet, car registration number, zip code, etc.
  • Do not tell anyone your password. If the contact you (for example, by telephone), the representative of a certain organization and asked to tell your password, do not disclose your personal information: You do not know who is actually located on the other end.
  • If the online store or Web site sends you an e-mail confirming the registration information and a new password as soon as possible, go to the appropriate site and change your password.
  • Make sure that you installed on your computer software to protect against Internet threats blocks attempts to intercept or steal.

How to choose a password:

– Make it memorable;
– Keep it a secret;
– Do not let a seemingly legitimate organizations to steal it from you by fraud;
– Use both in lower and upper case, numbers and other symbols;
– Do not use the same password for multiple accounts;
– Passwords are not rotated between different accounts.

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