What is spam?

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Glossary
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Stop spamSpam – anonymous unsolicited bulk e-mail distribution, ie electronic equivalent of paper advertising mail, regular mail boxes littering.

Spam is most often used to advertise products and services. Spammers send out a large number of advertisements and cashing in on those who are responsible. In addition, the attackers use spam for phishing attacks and malware.

Over the past ten years has expanded the scope of the spam, and the volume of delivery – increased significantly. At first spam was being sent directly to the individual addresses of the users and it was easy to block. Over time, high-speed Internet channels that give fast and cheap opportunity to massively send spam messages. Spammers have also found that they can use for their own purposes modems individual users – modems are not equipped with means of protection against unauthorized access, and could be used by hackers from anywhere planety.Drugimi words, modems unsuspecting users send out huge amounts of spam.

This continued until the hardware manufacturers have not learned to be equipped with means of protection against spam, and spam filters do not become more efficient. However, spam has evolved, too: not only improved methods of distribution, but also techniques that help attackers to bypass spam filters. Confrontation spammers and those who defend the Internet channels of full blockage continues.

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