Computer threats: Spyware

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Glossary
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There are many ways of penetration of spyware on your computer.

You can download them from the Web site on the Internet, receive e-mail, opening the link received via ICQ, installing unlicensed software from piracy drive, etc.

Spyware programs often mask their presence on your computer or just do not show any sign that they at you “on a visit”.

What to do?

– Use custom applications from manufacturers to provide active protection of your computer;

– Install and configure a firewall that will block all outstanding graduating or outgoing network connections;

– Do not open suspicious links, and do not take requests for the installation of any software or add-ons for your browser;

– Do not enter at the free offers and other freebies, reports of which you can get at many different sites;

– Regularly install updates to the operating system and other programs.

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