How to protect yourself from spam?

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Articles
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Stop spamThe following are the rules that will help to minimize the amount of spam you receive.

Use multiple email addresses: one for personal correspondence and at least one for registration in forums, chat rooms, mailing lists and other public services and sites.

Personal correspondence pick up e-mail address that is hard to guess. Spammers constructing possible address with the obvious names, words and numbers. Walk up to the task creatively (and, of course, do not use your name and address, last name).

Consider the e-mail address that you use on public resources, as temporary. If the address starts to get spam, just change it.

Do not reply to spam. Spammers often recorded similar responses to identify valid email address. Thus, the answer to the spam email only increases the risk of spam you in the future.

Do not pass on the links allegedly offering “unsubscribe” as this, you confirm that your e-mail address you used actively. Spammers will continue to include it in their newsletter.

Do not post private email address on public resources.
If you publish the address still had to post it so that automated tools used by spammers collect addresses could not detect it (for example, “joe-point-Smith-dog-mydomain-dot-com” instead of “joe.smith @ “).

Complete the registration form, you can use multiple email accounts to see what sites send your address to spammers.
Make sure that you always had the latest version of Internet Explorer and all security updates.

Installed on your PC anti-spam solution and crank mailboxes for those providers who protects its users from spam.

If the address that you use for personal correspondence, in the databases of spammers, change it. Perhaps it is somewhat uncomfortable, but it helps to get rid of spam – at least for a while!

Link: What is spam?

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