USA the world leader by quantity of spam

Posted: March 8, 2013 in IT Security News
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The Sophos company called the USA the world leader by quantity of spam

According to data published by Sophos, from December 2012 to February 2013 the U.S. generated 18.3% of global spam, providing the country the first place in the world according to the spammers Sophos.V last October, the U.S. has taken in this ranking only third – 6 , 5% of spam, conceded leadership of India – 16.1% of global spam. This year, India has exchanged places with the United States, taking the third place – 4.2%.

Second place in occupied China – 8.2%. Then follow Peru (4%), France, South Korea and Italy (3.4%), Taiwan, and Russia (2.9%), Spain (2.9%), Germany (2.7%) and Iran (2.6%).

Rating continents:

– Asia (36.6%);

– Europe (27.5%);

– North America (22%);

– South America (10.9%);

– Africa has generated only 2.6% of global spam.

Experts point out that these results do not mean that most spammers live in the USA. It says only that U.S. Internet users often victims kiberpristupnikov using their computers to send spam.


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