Computer security today

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Articles
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information securityComputer security today is as important as personal safety.

We are dealing with computers in offices, banks, shops and houses. With the growing number of so-called computer crime increases and the need for compliance with the rules of computer security.

The present level of development of the various computer technologies into the hands of criminals gave a very powerful and yet simple tool with which “hack” someone’s personal computer is not difficult, even a schoolboy. Therefore, to date computer security is also relevant for the usual and ordinary users.

Who may need my computer? – You ask – it is not a state secret, nor access to billions of dollars. In fact, the “hacked” computer can present a serious threat. For example, attackers can still use your PC for DDoS-attacks – and you know it, your Internet traffic “eat” all the money from the account …

Your PC – store a variety of information, among which there is certainly important to you. The efforts of computer viruses all of which can be permanently lost to you, and this is a serious problem.

So always be aware of computer security, and try by all means to ensure it. Remember that prevent computer threat is always easier than to remove its effects.

If you do not want to “catch the virus” on your computer if you do not want to become a victim of cyber criminals – then the rules of computer security for you.

Rules of computer security is not difficult, and their implementation will protect your computer from attack:

– do not forget to use anti-virus software regularly update anti-virus databases to scan the computer;
– use a firewall – “firewall” that controls access applications on your PC to the network and the Internet;
– stay tuned software used, because often new versions released for “closing” discovered “holes”;
– do not open e-mail messages from unknown senders, do not click on suspicious links;
– do not use Apps from unknown suppliers;
– use strong passwords to protect the information;
for network access “open” only those files and folders that do not contain confidential information;
– back up data regularly;
– make sure the computer when it is used by children;
– disconnect from the Internet, unless you need to use it at the moment.

Perhaps many of these computer security rules you already know. This is not surprising, since all of them are based on the human sense and plain logic. Therefore, the rules of computer security often violated not by ignorance, but by mistake, or are these rules are ignored deliberately.

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