Beware! Internet fraudsters!

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Articles
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counterfeitWith the development of internet technology, more and more often, when the victim of thieves, killers and papparatsi (especially in the case of well-known people) are regular users of the network, and even casual gamers.

Greatest weapon hackers are news or unique facts for the sake of access to different users enter personal data (passwords to e-mail, in the social pages. Networks, etc.).

A few days ago a major scandal erupted when the Xbox LIVE users began to complain that their email boxes started coming spam. Herb Lawrence, one of the heads of department of development MIcrosoft, said that the recent increase in the occurrence of resources that promote pre-order and registration to testing the new Xbox 720. He appealed to all to be careful, because the company does not intend to carry out such actions for ordinary users.

Another common type of fraud is the “Internet of slavery,” in which an attacker gains access to the hard disk or PC management victims.

One of the most common methods is the distribution of infected torrent of images of game discs.

“I have a rather large collection of ladies, whose PC I hacked with Sims 3. Since this game is one of the most popular in the world, is not difficult to find a non-protected system and get full access to them, “ – said one of the hackers.

In addition to breaking the bank accounts or accounts of electronic money, hackers often examine hard drives for private erotic pictures or video, and fun watching the “victims” of the web camera.

We strongly encourage you to avoid suspicious sites and resources, carefully check the name of the site where you enter your information, and of course on the desktop antivirus installed.

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