Bitdefender: One of the most popular antivirus software’s on the market

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software, Articles
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BitDefender Logo If you use your computer for even an hour per week, then having an antivirus program installed on your computer is mandatory.

With the increase in cyber fraud in the United States and around the Globe, protecting your investment and all data on your computer is essential to maintaining your investment in your PC or laptop. One of the most popular antivirus software’s on the market is BitDefender. BitDefender 2013 has earned one of the highest ratings in not only a cleanup test, but in a real world attack tests as well. In addition, BitDefender software comes stock with additional modes of protection such as antitheft for those who would like to download this software on their mobile device.

Installation of this software is quick and easy and comes with step by step instructions. In fact, one added benefit of using this brand of antivirus software is that it is easy to install and does not require you to reboot your system before it starts protecting your system. The user interface is also user-friendly and even comes with an “Auto-pilot” mode that can make decisions related to your system security, all without prompting you for an answer. Novice and experienced computer users will be happy to know that zero configurations are needed in this antivirus software and it is alert and pop-up free.Bitdefender 2013

Once BitDefender software is installed on your system, it makes blocking external threats such as malware and all viruses impossible to infect your system. According to many experts in the industry, the software is hands down one of the best on the market. Your resources are also safe with this software because it auto adjusts when doing scans to help preserve the performance of your laptop or PC. For those who do their banking and shopping online, Bitdefender uses a secure browser so your banking and credit information is hacker safe.

This antivirus software also protects your e-mail from potential threats of viruses all the way down to instant messaging. It also has the ability to encrypt all of your instant messaging conversations too. For those who use Facebook and Twitter, security settings protect your privacy there as well. If you browse the web, you’ll be happy to know that all search engine results are monitored for viruses before they are allowed to have access in your web browser. Nowadays, hackers are embedding viruses into the top search engine results in Google. But with Bitdefender software, there’s no need to worry.

In addition to this top level protection for your computer, Bitdefender also offers a 100% free credit monitoring service for its customers who are located within the United States. This service will provide you with alerts in real-time if they detect any changes in any of your credit reports.

After buying this software, you get free access to qualified a professional support agents that are there to help you 24 hours a day seven days a week. In fact, if you’re unable to call, they are also available online anytime you need help. If you are interested in the latest threats in security, their website features a newsfeed that can help educate you on any emerging threat in various security topics.

As a whole, it is very difficult to beat Bitdefender software in any aspect. If you are serious about protecting your computer, Bitdefender is a must and the price is extremely affordable.

The most popular antivirus products by Bitdefender:

– BitDefender Total Security 2013;
– Bitdefender Internet Security 2013;
– Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013;
Bitdefender Sphere 2013.

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