Parental Control Software for Mobile Phones

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Articles
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Parental Control Mobile PhonesParental Control Software for Mobile Phones

With digital threats soaring to dangerous heights, parental controls have become an essential.

When it comes to protecting your young ones from myriad dangers crawling across the cyber space, there is absolutely no room for compromise. Even the slightest bit of negligence on your part can leave your kids exposed to serious threats, including social media addiction, as they carelessly roam the digital streets using their mobile phones. Simply stripping them of their digital privileges may be an option, but exercising it guarantees a strong protest, followed by rebellion, thus ruining your relation with your youngster for good.

A more suitable option to deal with the situation and keep your kids protected is to put your faith in parental control apps. By installing this parenting aid on your child’s mobile phone, you effectively mitigate a substantial amount of risk that they were otherwise exposed to. Still not quite sure how parental control software can assist you in child-proofing mobile phones and the web? Here’s a brief explanation.

Parental Control

Block Inappropriate Content

Kids are curious by nature, which is not necessarily a bad thing as it drives their learning process. However, this trait turns into a serious bane if you add mobile phone and internet to the equation. Their insatiable quest for exploring the unexplored leads them to dark and often dangerous places on the web, exposing them to pornography, gambling, drugs, crime, and numerous other vices. With parental control apps on the job, all paths leading to such content can be blocked through a category or keyword-based system, thus allowing your youngster to enjoy a safer and securer web environment. The digital fencing keeps their curiosity and temptation in check, giving you the much-craved peace of mind.

Restrict Access to Addictive Websites

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are great, but kids have a tendency to go overboard and overindulge in these sites, ignoring other important aspects of life in the process. Detoxification is imperative in such situation. Parental control software helps you in this regard by letting you block access to their sites so that your child gets over the addiction and starts paying attention to things like homework, sleep, family, real friends, physical activities, etc. Your youngster would surely protest, but you can keep the tension from escalating by declaring that it’s only a temporary ban and would be lifted for a set number of hours per day or week, with certain pre-conditions of course.

User-Friendly and Reliable

You may not get a lot of time to keep pace with the rapidly changing technologies, which at times puts you at a disadvantage when trying to supervise your child’s mobile phone use. Fortunately, parental control app vendors are aware of your situation. The installation process and interface is normally kept simple to make it accessible to even those who are not technically versed. Furthermore, password protected access to settings of such apps ensure that you, the parent, remain in charge irrespective of how tech savvy your youngster may be. This injects a heavy dose of reliability into parental controls, making them an ideal tool to ensure mobile phone and online safety for kids.

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