ESET updated its line of server solutions

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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ESET LogoThe company ESET, announces the release of updated solutions for protection of file and mail servers.

ESET NOD32 File Security for Microsoft Windows Server – anti-virus product that provides protection for file servers from all types of malicious software, solution automatically detects dangerous applications and files that can break your server. System check performed during multithreaded scanning without compromising performance, helped by the minimum system requirements of the product and its optimization for the server environment.

In the new version of ESET NOD32 File Security for Microsoft Windows Server has enabled the server operating system, Windows Server 2012, as updated CLI eShell, with which you can create scripts to configure and perform various actions. In addition, the interface was improved – it is even more ergonomic and convenient to use.

The product is part of the integrated enterprise solutions ESET NOD32 Smart Security Business Edition and ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition.

Updated business product ESET NOD32 Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server protects corporate email on the mail server. The solution detects threats and malicious attachments, using a system multithreaded scanning mail traffic. Updated decision does not affect the server’s performance, and a new anti-spam technology ESET, which is used in the product, more precisely detect unwanted messages.

It is worth noting that in January 2013 the decision ESET NOD32 Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server was honored VBSpam + from the British company Virus Bulletin. The researchers noted not only a brilliant level of filtering advertising messages (99.83%), but also pointed to the complete lack of error detection.

Another feature of this product has a command line interface eShell, which allows you to configure and administer the program without any restrictions, without using the graphical user interface. The updated solution supports the most current platforms – Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.

The composition of ESET NOD32 File Security for Microsoft Windows Server and ESET NOD32 Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server is an administrative tool and reporting ESET Remote Administrator, which allows to build centralized security management throughout the network, remote control units implementing corporate IT-infrastructure in real time.

ESET NOD32 Mail Security for IBM Lotus Domino – solution for protecting mail servers from all types of malware and spam, with an updated anstispam-modulemMailShell 6.5. Bi-directional scanning of incoming and outgoing traffic can quickly identify both known and new types of threats.

ESET NOD32 Mail Security for IBM Lotus Domino supports sending custom configuration template module MailServer, allows you to include a timer to check the status of the deleted messages in the mailbox, and optimizes the test files for the avoidance of double scanning of the same document or process.

With the solution, you can create and customize a “black”, “gray” and “white” lists of senders, and to determine the individual parameters mail scanning for groups of users and individual mailboxes. The small size of update signature databases and minimum system requirements do not affect the performance of the mail server – the solution works quickly and reliably.

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