The virus use the browser history for blackmail

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Security Notices
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browser history for blackmail


The virus has learned to use the browser history for blackmail

Fraudsters who send fake notifications on behalf of the government or law enforcement authorities that the user’s computer listed for suspicious activity, began to use the new technology. For greater credibility of its threats cybercriminals started using browsers history of victims.

Recall that extortionists usually send notice to potential victims that they have ever visited prohibited resources, or are engaged in distribution of illegal content, and so the system was subjected to blocking. To unlock the computer user to pay a fine.

Malefactors are sure that scared owners of the blocked computers won’t understand the events and silently will pay fine.

As noted in his blog, an independent researcher nick Kafeine, recently scammers started using special software, which examines the history of the browser visits a potential victim, and apply the information to their attacks more effective.

Hackers use a virus under the name Kovter which displays the counterfeit notice on behalf of the Ministry of Justice of the USA, agencies of internal security or FBI accusing the owner of the computer of loading and distribution of an illegal content. The notification contains the IP-address and the hosting of the computer name, and a list of sites from which, supposedly, was booted.

The malware checks for resources that contain illegal content in the browser history of the victim, and if found, adds the addresses found in the message. If these addresses do not have the history, the program enters a notice random web-sites that have distributed pornography or other prohibited content.

Editorial recommends to install the latest security software.

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