G Data CloseGap – Active Hybrid protection technology

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Articles
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G DataAfter years of development G Data finally presented the latest anti-virus technology.

G Data at the international exhibition CeBIT unveiled the innovative technology for protection from virus CloseGap. G Data CloseGap hybrid technology is an active protection that can withstand the malware and network attacks.

CloseGap actually has many more features than conventional anti-virus technology. It combines proactive protection methods, such as:

– a module secure online banking BankGuard;
– Web protection WebCloud;
– behavioral analysis module BehaviorBlocker;
– traditional methods of detection and protection, based on virus signatures.

Thanks to its modular structure and regular updates Gdata CloseGap protection is always current and can withstand even the newest timely types online threats. This fact gives CloseGap distinct advantage over traditional antivirus solutions.

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The new technology is included in the G Data antivirus products for home users: G Data AntiVirus 2014, G Data InternetSecurity 2014 and G Data TotalProtection 2014.

Superior protection from German developers

  • Accuracy and speed are important criteria in the anti-malware. Fast response time between the first signs of malicious activity and finding the appropriate signature is crucial. Whatever it was traditional anti-virus solutions are not able to support this option at a high level.
  • G Data CloseGap breaks new ground in the online protection, combining proactive methods and protection, based on a comparison of the signatures of malware. With each update CloseGap receives additional benefits. Thus, the technology adapts to the current level of network risk.
  • This means that users and their data is always optimally protected, even in the case of new and unknown threats. Compared with the existing concepts of dual protection, G Data CloseGap has an important advantage – the use of a small amount of system resources.
  • Dual mechanism of protection is good protection against online threats. However, when using this kind of technology is used a lot of computer resources to perform separate detection methods. CloseGap eliminates duplicate processes and saves valuable computer resources.
  • Active Hybrid technology from G Data of detecting automatically and closes the gap in the defense mechanisms. CloseGap works very quickly and efficiently, providing comprehensive protection without compromising system performance.

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