G Data InternetSecurity 2014G Data InternetSecurity 2014 – comprehensive antivirus with new hybrid technology, G Data CloseGap and automatic protection against network and online threats.

Additional Features: Parental control, secure Internet banking.

G Data InternetSecurity 2014 uses a new technology CloseGap, which provides effective immediate protection from viruses, hacking, spam and other Internet threats.

Active hybrid protection provides effective interaction proactive, cloud and signature-based methods to detect malware and online threats c high speed, and also covers the specific region-specific threats.

Automatic firewall runs in the background and does not reduce the performance of your computer. Integrated tool Parental Control helps protect children and teenagers from inappropriate websites.

G Data BankGuard component as a plugin for your web browser provides secure Internet banking and online shopping. Cloud web protection ensures safety when visiting the active sites and social networks on the Internet.

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G Data InternetSecurity 2014 Screenshot

New in the G Data InternetSecurity 2014:

– New. The integration of new technologies G Data CloseGap for more effective protection against malicious programs;
– New. Startup Manager: accelerates the launch of Windows applications by controlling the startup;
– Completely redesigned user interface for intuitive control and protection;
– Improved component BankGuard for secure Internet banking;
– Improved behavioral recognition: better protection from unknown threats;
– Less resource through optimal use of security technologies.

The main components of G Data InternetSecurity 2014:

– Antivirus and anti-spyware;
– Automatic firewall;
– Technology G Data CloseGap;
– Antivirus boot disk;
– Behavioral analysis of threats;
– Balance of performance / protection;
– Mail Anti-Virus;
– Anti-spam;
– Cloud Web protection;
– Scan HTTP-traffic;
– Phishing protection;
– Parental Control;
– Secure Internet banking;
– Permanently delete data;
– Startup manager;
– Protection setting password.

Main features of G Data InternetSecurity 2014:

– High level of threat detection, confirmed by numerous comparative tests;
– Rapid response to new viruses and threats;
– Automatic firewall for blocking unauthorized access and attacks on your computer, preventing the diversion of sensitive data;
– Secure web site visits and secure online shopping on the Internet;
– Secure Internet Banking G Data BankGuard;
– Protection of email and online chat rooms;
– Permanently delete sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access.
– High speed and performance during games.

New Technology G Data CloseGap

New Technology G Data is already integrated in the G Data InternetSecurity 2014, and will allow even more efficiently and effectively protect your computer from malicious programs.

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