G Data TotalProtection 2014 Review

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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G Data TotalProtection 2014G Data TotalProtection 2014 – anti-virus protection with hybrid technology G Data CloseGap. Additional features: security settings, backup, secure online banking and device management.

G Data TotalProtection 2014 is a new complex solution for comprehensive protection. Integrated technology CloseGap offers reliable protection against all types of malware and Internet threats.

Active Hybrid protection blocks specific threat and does not slow down your computer, effectively combining proactive, cloud and signature detection methods.

Backup and secure storage to protect sensitive data from loss or theft. Device Control allows you to control your connected external storage media.

Web protection, parental controls and plug-in for web browsers G Data BankGuard allow for a safe trip to websites, restrict access to undesirable Internet, to protect financial transactions using online banking and online shopping.

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G Data TotalProtection 2014 Screenshot

New in the G Data TotalProtection 2014:

– New. The integration of new technologies G Data CloseGap for more effective protection against malicious programs;
– New. Startup Manager: accelerates the launch of Windows applications by controlling the startup;
– New. In 2014 G Data TotalProtection integrated control devices to protect against potentially dangerous devices or USB-DVD-ROM drive;
– Completely redesigned user interface for intuitive control and protection;
– Improved component BankGuard for secure Internet banking;
– Improved behavioral recognition: better protection from unknown threats;
– Less resource through optimal use of security technologies.

The main components of G Data TotalProtection 2014:

– Antivirus and anti-spyware;
– Automatic firewall;
– Technology G Data CloseGap;
– Antivirus boot disk;
– Behavioral analysis of threats;
– Balance of performance / protection;
– Mail Anti-Virus;
– Anti-spam;
– Cloud Web protection;
– Scan HTTP-traffic;
– Phishing protection;
– Parental Control;
– Secure Internet banking;
– Control devices;
– Backup;
– The security settings;
– Secure storage of data;
– Protection of files and folders;
– Permanently delete data;
– Protection setting password;
– Startup manager.

Main features of G Data TotalProtection 2014:

– High level of threat detection, confirmed by numerous comparative tests;
– Rapid response to new viruses and threats;
– Automatic firewall for blocking unauthorized access and network attacks on your computer, preventing the diversion of sensitive data;
– Secure web site visits and secure online shopping on the Internet.
– Secure Internet banking with G Data BankGuard;
– Protection of email and online chat rooms;
– Backup and recovery;
– Configure system security and secure storage of data;
– Permanently delete sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access;
– Blocking of annoying advertising.

New Technology G Data CloseGap

The new technology is already integrated G Data G Data TotalProtection in 2014 and allows for a more effective and timely protect your computer from malicious software.

G Data Internet Security 2014 video review

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