Adobe and Microsoft released security patches

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Vulnerability News
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Security Patches

Security Patches

Adobe and Microsoft on Tuesday released monthly updates for its software, eliminating  a number of critical vulnerabilities and bugs in the code for the their popular products.

Adobe Systems eliminated vulnerabilities in their three popular sets – Coldfusion, Flash and Shockwave. For Flash update is available for operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, mobile version of the updated player was also released for the operating system Android. According to Adobe, update fixes vulnerabilities in the four points of the product.

The company said that some of the vulnerabilities in Flash is used on the Internet, and users are advised to install the updated version, not to be subjected to additional risk.

And four fixes were released for Shockwave, available under the operating systems Windows and Mac OS X. In Adobe said that the remote attack on this media player can lead to the possibility of execution of malicious code on the user and data theft.

As for the platform ColdFusion, then the server product was fixed for versions Windows, Mac OS X and Unix. Here most of the bugs associated with the artificial increase of privileges in the system. The update also lowers the priority of some processes in ColdFusion, to close off their access to the system files.

In turn, Microsoft released nine patches for their products, two of which have a critical level of risk and are intended for Internet Explorer and Windows. Bugs possible to conduct remote code execution on the system. Seven other patches have a high degree of importance and lead to elevated privileges in the system, DoS-attacks and leakage of user data.

Note that one of the critical patch is for all versions of Internet Explorer, including the last tenth. The second critical bug is with the application Windows Remote Desktop Client, which is present in the operating systems Windows, except for Windows 8, Server 2012 and Windows RT.

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