Free multifactor authentication for your WordPress Blog

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Articles
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WordPress PluginsPerfect Paper Passwords – Protecting WordPress from Brute Force Attacks.

High security multifactor authentication using a series of single-use “passcodes”. Perfect Paper Passwords is Plugin that implements an additional level of security at the entrance to the blog – individual password for each user.

This password changes every time you log on, so pick it is not real. User does not even need to remember the password – it is randomly generated, and is written in the form of a matrix – four cards to the cells – and at the entrance gives a hint at what the card and see which cell password.

Perfect Paper Passwords

Now it has become fashionable again refer to the experience of the past. One such method is the use of cards with codes for additional security. For example, there is a method of creating sustainable crypto, using the cards, which in a few columns and rows written short codes. They act as a code – enter the correct password can only one who has this card, and even then only if he knows the algorithm by which generated password. Not necessarily remember the password itself, you just remember the card number and the cell (for example, card 1, cell F6). This method is often used in data encryption.

single-use passcodes

Perfect Paper Passwords plugin allows you to enter an additional protection for the blog entry – creates another line with a verification code from all four characters. Next to this line is written in an open key by which we can determine this four-digit password. Only now it will be able to enter only those who have a card with a matrix of passwords. A card is generated for each user individually, and passwords in it can easily be changed to other, using a software method for forming sustainable password.

Thus there is no way to access the blog with a specific username and password, if you have no cards, formed for this user. Tightly closed circle, creating an impenetrable defense. To automatically create sustainable passwords uses a set of numbers, letters and special characters, generates a random sequence, devoid of logic and algorithms.

Printable Paper Passcards

This protection can be not only an insurmountable obstacle to brute force attacks, but also ensures that even if the attackers know the usual admin password, they still can not get into the administrative part of the blog, because for the entrance will need to enter another, individual for each user, password, which changes every time you log in.

Download Perfect Paper Passwords

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