G Data 2014: Frequently asked questions

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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G Data1. What is the difference generation G Data 2014 from G Data 2013?

The main differences are:

– Redesigned user interface that has become easier to understand and meet the current trends. Management has become even easier and clearer for all levels of users;
– New generation of G Data 2014 is based on new technology proprietary G Data – CloseGap Active Hybrid. Combining classical methods and proactive protection using two independent anti-virus engines (CloseGap + Bitdefender) can provide the highest level of security;
– Compared with previous versions, running on two engines, CloseGap offers another benefit: a significant reduction in the consumption of computer resources;
– In addition, with each subsequent update CloseGap receive additional benefits. Thus, the technology adapts to the current level of network risk.
– Introduced a number of improvements, security plug – G Data BankGuard behavior analyzer module and G Data, improve the efficiency of proactive protection from unknown vredenosnogo software.

2. Need and whether you can switch to G Data 2014?

Yes, you can switch to G Data 2014.

Do I have to? – No, It don’t necessarily. G Data 2013 remains fully support, performance, and the highest level of protection. Output version 2014 does not alter in any way the version 2013. In the new generation in 2014 there are new technologies and better ways of dealing with spyware, but it does not make the transition to 2014 mandatory.

3. Valid a license or credentials from version 2013 to version 2014?

License activation codes, which are sold in our store for the 2013 version of the suit, and to activate and use version 2014. Similarly, to use version 2014, you can use your current credentials (username and password).

4. Will my products G Data 2014 compatible with other antivirus solutions?

No, the first thing to do – to remove any third-party antivirus software or a previous version of G Data (if it is installed)

5. How to remove products G Data 2014?

Before removing, it is recommended to clean the files in quarantine. If you are reinstalling or installing a new version of G Data and you used manual firewall configuration – run their export and save. You can completely restore them in the new version to import.

To completely remove G Data from the PC, go to the Control Panel of Windows -> “Programs and Features.” In the list of the installed version of G Data, and click “Delete.” Uninstalling must be of the standard means of Windows.

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