Secure your business communication with VPN network

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Articles
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VPN LogoProtect your business from hackers with VPN network

Whether you need to access important business files over the internet or want to use an application, a Virtual Private Network or VPN gives you the required privacy. VPN services are used by most businesses in order to encrypt information that travels over the internet.

What VPN does?

A good VPN service creates a network between your computers and your servers that can only be accessed by certain people, obviously, appointed by you. You need to have a password in order to log on to the network and the access needed files.

What is VPN Network

With a good VPN, you can:

1. Send and receive files over the internet without it being intercepted.
2. Maintain privacy of your online activities.
3. Check emails over Wi-Fi on public networks without the threat of hacking.

How to choose a VPN

There are a number of VPN service providers all across the world. Here are some of the things to mind when looking to use a service:

1. Secure protocols: Your VPN service provider should support protocols such as SSL and TLS, which are encryption standards on the internet. Some vendors will support additional means to protect your information such as PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, etc. Generally, SSL and TLS are enough to protect your information and keep it safe, but the more protection there is, the better.

2. Logging: Many VPN providers keep a log of your activities when you use their services. If you are using a free service, the network may be used to serve you contextual ads. Most paid VPN services do not serve you ads, but they might still keep logs. Ideally, you don’t want them to record your activities. Check their terms of services carefully before subscribing.

3. Mobile apps: Most internet activity these days happens on mobile devices. So it is important that your VPN service provider lets you use mobile apps to access their service. Naturally, it’s quite inconvenient to use one service for desktops, and another one for smartphones and tablets. Use services that provide a high quality mobile app for logging into your VPN.

4. Anti-malware: Using a VPN makes your business browsing safer, but it may not protect you from viruses or malware attacks. See if your VPN provides anti-malware protection for your business. Such a service will typically scan the websites you visit and files you download for potential malware.

Finally, choose a VPN provider which is trustworthy. When you use a VPN service, you basically trust the company with your data. They do have access to your activities, so choose a reputed service that takes your privacy seriously.

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