The volume of DDoS-attacks was increased in eight times

Posted: April 18, 2013 in IT Security News
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DDoS attack alertOn average, the power of today’s DDoS-attacks of 32.4 million packet-per-second.

The company Prolexic, which provides IT-services, conducted a study on the amount, duration and frequency of DDoS-attacks on the filling of web-sites and computer systems with malicious files. According to the study, over the past three months, almost all indicators increased eight-fold, compared with the fourth quarter of 2012.

On average, in the first quarter of 2013 the volume of DDoS-attacks reached 48.25 GB / sec., While in the last quarter of last year, attacks were carried out with a volume of 5.9 GB / s.

According to Prolexic, the volume of the DDoS-attack made on Spamhaus, was exaggerated. If previously the IS experts reported a baseline of 300 GB / sec., Analysts Prolexic report only 120 GB / sec.

According to information received in the course of the study data, about 25% of attacks on Prolexic customers have been committed volume of less than 1 GB / sec., And 11% suffered an attack of over 60 GB / s.

One of the factors of such a large amount is that attacks mainly committed with the use of infected web-servers. If you download them malware, hackers managed servers using PHP-scripts.

One of factors of so large volume is that attacks are mainly made with use of the infected web servers. In case of loading on them of malicious software, malefactors manage servers by means of PHP-scripts.

The analyst also said that not only increased the volume of DDoS-attacks, but their power. For example, the figure for the first quarter of 2013 amounted to 32.4 million packets per second. If the volume of DDoS-attacks may cause a malfunction of the Internet, the impact of a larger number of packets per second can affect Internet service providers, operators, and even vendors software for repel attacks.

Also increased the number of attacks committed. Compared with the fourth quarter 2012goda in the first quarter of the current year rate rose to 1.75%, as compared to the previous year – by 21.75%.

The main source of DDoS-attacks Prolexic called China – 40.68% of the existing botnets created in the country. Further accommodated in the list USA (21.88%), Germany (10.59%) and Iran (5.51%).

It is worth noting that Russia, which had previously been a leader in the creation of botnets for the second quarter is not included in the top ten major distributors of malware.

A detailed Prolexic report can be found here.

Prolexic report

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