Trend Micro: Q1 2013 Security Roundup Report

Posted: April 30, 2013 in IT Security News
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Trend MicroTrend Micro released a report on cyber threats in the I quarter of 2013

Trend Micro released a report Q1 2013 Security Roundup Report, dedicated to cyber threats in the first quarter of 2013, the main topics of research are proliferating attacks using vulnerabilities “zero day” and the recent targeted attack on the people of South Korea. Results of the study indicate that the vulnerability of “zero day” threats remain relevant and hackers are becoming more sophisticated, intense and dangerous.

Attacks using vulnerabilities “zero day”

New attacks on Oracle Java and Adobe Flash Player, Acrobat Reader, and demonstrate that the vulnerability appear faster than the corrections and quickly integrated into professional kits attacks, such as «Black Hole Exploit Kit».

“Java continues to be a fertile ground for attacks. The cross-platform nature of the decision, and most importantly, its vulnerability and the prevalence continues to attract the attention of hackers, – said Rik Ferguson, vice-president of research in the field of security, Trend Micro. – To analyze the vulnerability of the report “zero day” in Java, of course, is not the last of its kind. Currently, Java provides a wide field for cybercriminals, so we are confident that this attack will not end. ”

Attacks in South Korea

High-profile attacks on people in South Korea in March this year have confirmed that the theft of data is not the only target of hackers. Today, cyber criminals are using security holes for disruption of critical networks using the most modern techniques.

Here are some features of these attacks:

– Universal focus on various platforms such as UNIX and LINUX;

– The use of special solutions to counter the established security software;

– Capture patch management systems.

“Analysis of the situation in South Korea suggests that, in the future, hackers will be able to take even more devastating attacks – says Tom Kellermann, vice president of cybersecurity, Trend Micro. – Every quarter, attacks are becoming more daring and compartmentalized. Today, we are talking not only about the theft of personal data, but also about other, far more serious consequences. ” Read more: Q1 2013 Security Roundup Report

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