DDoS-attacks are becoming the method of spreading viruses

Posted: May 20, 2013 in IT Security News
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DDoS attack alertAccording to experts, companies first need to be able to isolate the attacked components.

After analyzing large DDoS-attacks, which earlier this year underwent many media, as well as a series of attacks on the financial structure of the United States, the responsibility for which has taken over the hacking group Cyber ​​Fighters of Izz ad-din Al Qassam, the experts found that, together with holding major attacks, cyber criminals send out spam messages in some malware.

So, DDoS-attack is accompanied not only traffic congestion, but also the spread of malware.

“A lot of DDoS-attacks, reflection attacks on DNS – is faced with problems of the victim, but according to experts, high-profile attacks are not as dangerous as what lies inside them,” – said Van Abernetti, senior product manager for Beijing Company NSFOCUS, dedicated network security.

According to the experts, at the time, as companies try to counter DDoS-attacks, much more chaos in the work of software and hardware are making the attack, which resulted in “clog up” the servers and provoked a refusal to work.

In such cases, IT-specialists departments harder to resist attackers, using “junk data”, which hides a more serious threat.

According to the report of experts Prolexic, companies need to be able to isolate the attacked components, providing itself, thus protecting the system from getting malware hiding in the spam database.

More information about the expert’s report can be found here.

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