Clueful from BitDefender – protecting Android devices

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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BitDefender LogoClueful from BitDefender – protecting user privacy on the Android platform

The company Bitdefender, known for its anti-virus solutions, has introduced a new free product for the Android mobile platform called Clueful.

The main function of the package Clueful is to protect the people against the encroachments of privacy. In particular, the technology Clueful can warn the user of suspicious or incorrect behavior of applications. In particular, the tool helps to track Clueful disclosure of personal information in easy access, delivery of spam and unauthorized access to sensitive personal information.

Completely free utility Bitdefender Clueful for Android provides monitoring and analysis of Android-applications, detecting unauthorized access to personal information or sending private data to the outside. Also tracked attempts to send spam, access to photos, sending personal passwords in an unencrypted form, sending calendars to external resources, interrupt phone calls a sound advertising and other forms of intervention in the life of the user.


Developers Tools Clueful claim that their product contains unique algorithms to analyze the behavior of applications. For example, the utility of the application, Clueful compares with the company’s constantly updated database of Bitdefender Cloud, to understand in which case personal data may be at risk. In addition, the utility Clueful checks during the installation of each new application. With each new analysis of the overall ranking is updated device security (Privacy Score) from the point of view of the vulnerability of personal information.

The value of utility Clueful overemphasized in today’s world, where the leakage of any personal data can eventually lead to serious risks – from financial losses to the violation of privacy. A separate value of this product makes the fact that he was released by the same company that developed one of the best security systems for Android: Bitdefender Mobile Security. The official presentation of the utility Bitdefender Clueful for Android was held on 21 May – from the day the product is officially available in the app store Play Market.

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