Fortinet introduced a new generation operating system FortiWeb 5

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Antivirus and Security Software
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FortinetThe new system FortiWeb 5 OS provides enhanced protection from the growing threats and is compatible with all the devices of the family FortiWeb.

It is enhanced features including the ability to determine with high accuracy the origin of the traffic and establish permitted or suspicious sources.

With help FortiWeb it is possible to distinguish legitimate and unknown inquiries to search engines and to distinguish them from scanners, bots and other threats. This extends the analysis and detection of bots, recently provided by service FortiGuard IP Reputation service, which monitors the compromised IP-address or IP-addresses with abnormal activity.

Solutions for service providers, Internet service providers and large enterprises

At the same time the company Fortinet introduces three new firewalls for Web applications:

– FortiWeb-3000D;
– FortiWeb-3000DFsx;
– FortiWeb-4000D.

These firewalls designed for large enterprises, data centers and service providers, for whom it is important to remedy the Web applications did not reduce the performance of the network. FortiWeb-3000D and FortiWeb-3000DFsx provide bandwidth of up to 1.5 Gb / s bandwidth FortiWeb-4000D – up to 4 Gbit / c. The new devices operate at 50 – 100% faster than previous models and provide comprehensive protection against the vulnerabilities included in the top ten according to the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), as well as meet the requirements of PCI DSS 6.6.

Resolving problems at the Web application level

For modern Web applications received requests from automated tools, scanners, search engines, and also from unknown or malicious sources. System administrators need to quickly and effectively identify the sources and types of traffic to detect malicious traffic and its sources. New items come with FortiWeb graphical control panel that allows you to easily identify and track boat traffic.

In addition, the growing need to protect against DoS attacks at the application level, given the rapid growth in the number of attacks on this level, in contrast to previous years, when the hackers attacked by disrupting their network bandwidth. FortiWeb 5 extends existing features to distinguish between legitimate requests to Web applications and DoS-attacks, and supports a large number of different policies, while providing enhanced flexibility and granularity.

FortiWeb 5.0 fully supports interoperability protocols IPv4-IPv6 and IPv6-IPv4, which is important to maintain an optimal level of safety, given that the data center continues sIPv4 transition to IPv6.

New features FortiWeb 5

The unique device FortiWeb – their ability to combine comprehensive protection at the Web application level load balancing 7, built-in vulnerability scanner and easy to manage a system in which does not require the purchase of licenses for each individual component.

New features FortiWeb 5 include:

Determining the source of incoming traffic: Given that 30% of the traffic on the Web application level comes from the well-known search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, as well as in connection with an increase in the number of automated attacks, botnets, zombies and DDoS attacks need to properly identify traffic sources is critical. FortiWeb 5 provides such an opportunity, so that organizations can protect and optimize their Web applications.

New control panel: provides system administrators with rapid visual representation of the incoming traffic at the Web application level, allowing them to quickly determine whether the well-known search engine bots or malware scanners.

Accelerate speed of response Browser: Within 5 FortiWeb improved protection against DoS-attacks at the application level by improving the response speed of the browser for better handling requests, determine the legitimacy of users and protection against DoS-attacks.

FortiWeb 5 and new firewalls for Web-based applications designed specifically for the most demanding customers: large enterprises and service providers,” – said John Maddison, Vice President of Marketing at Fortinet. “These products will not only provide a more rational protection against the vulnerabilities included in the top ten according to the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), but also include a load balancer at the application level, which allows to distribute traffic across multiple Web servers. FortiWeb product line combines the most advanced in the industry-level security applications with optimal performance.


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