Yahoo! has lost 6 million customers following mass hack attack

Posted: June 3, 2013 in IT Security News
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Yahoo!After months of hearings and negotiations, British Telecom (BT) has decided to refuse the services of Yahoo!.

Translated to other servers will be implemented over the next few weeks. The new service will include a built-in solution for blocking spam and virus.

Since February 2013 the operator BT customers have complained that their accounts on Yahoo! constantly hack hackers, exciting other people’s accounts and using them to send spam e-mails. In March, a joint investigation by the two companies, the purpose of which was to identify weaknesses in the defense. However, attackers continued their work on the forums and have started to appear more and more complaints.

During the transition, customers will retain all of their addresses, but the password is likely to have to change. The new email-BT system had simply called BT Mail. Her support of the company does Critical Path – a private email-provider from California.

The termination of the contract with BT, after ten years of cooperation painful blow on the positions of Yahoo!, which is going through difficult moments in its history. The Internet company will lose about 6 million accounts, and will lose a significant amount of traffic to their websites. In addition, the port will be closed on the official BT Yahoo!, which for many years remained the home page for all the customers broadband BT.

According to the journalists, most from the termination of the contract will suffer head Yahoo! Marissa Mayer, who for the past year tried in vain to restore the reputation of the company. Its mission – to stop the drop in traffic on the main page of Yahoo!, through which the organization receives most of the deductions for advertising.

The problem with the attackers faced by users of BT, is not confined to a single operator. Subscribers to Telecom NZ, who have an email-like service from another provider, suffer from similar attacks. In order to carry out attacks on Yahoo! hackers use an extensive network of compromised computers.

Facebook users in South Africa face a few hundred cloned accounts that have been created by hackers. With new accounts hackers extorting money from spamming and organize scams.

Cloning Facebook profile remains one of the most popular techniques used by cybercriminals to carry out fraud. This technique has become widespread in South Africa. Over the past week, hundreds of Facebook-accounts of this country have been successfully cloned. Cloned accounts are used to establish contact with the victim’s family and the mass distribution of various malicious viruses or scams.

All these cloning attack described television channel eNews Channel Africa (eNCA). The expert told employees eNCA, that several hundred accounts clones – it’s not so much, if we consider the whole of South Africa, where there are about 9.5 million users Facebook. However, as reported STrategy Workx, the situation is still observed very alarming.

According to Avast!, Even the brother of one of the employees suffered from Facebook-attack. Stolen accounts can be used to send spam messages, beginning fraud and theft of personal information. Recent reports say that crackers are also using Facebook to defrauding money masquerading foreign accounts.

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