Oracle intends to make Java more secure

Posted: June 4, 2013 in IT Security News
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Oracle LogoOracle has recognized the recent security problems that have arisen with Java, and plans to implement several new features, at least three to address such incidents.

According to the corporation, in October 2013, will be released quarterly package of Oracle Critical Patch Update. Usually this patch includes fixes for the same time all the products that will not solve the problem of the so-called vulnerability “zero day“. However, some modification of code fragments, most likely, will help to quickly eliminate other potential vulnerabilities in Java for portable workstations and servers.

The second major change was commented on by a representative of Oracle’s official blog this way:
“Functions of the Local Security Policy will soon be added to Java, which allows the system administrator to get more control over security policy during the installation and deployment of Java in the enterprise environment. New features help restrict access to digital certificates and unsigned applets on certain hosts, and reduce the risk of infection by unauthorized users and malicious sites. “

For the server version of Java are also preparing security changes. As the developers plan to in the future, Oracle will introduce a number of libraries of components required for the centralized management server. For the latest version of Java it is still possible, but the company in cooperation with the Java Community Process work on the implementation of libraries in the new versions.

Another area of ​​work will be more detailed documentation of data on vulnerabilities have been corrected and stricter principles of lists CRL (certificate revocation list) and protocol OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol).

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